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Talon, Viper, Tade, Larry, Ryan, and Shorty
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Hey, I'm Talon, a Primal Rage Action Figure, and the leader of my adopted raptor clan AKA brotherhood. We live on top of the left drawer beside Marianne's bed. I'm an old fart velociraptor, just livin' it okay. I don't like Vertigo, who lives somewhere on the other side, left dresser drawer located by the right side of the bed. She's NUTS and if she owned a livejournal, you'd be scared. Yup, no wonder she's known as a Goddess of Insanity.

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Date Created:July 21
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Talon is a 10+ year old velociraptor that enjoys his backrubs, basking in the sun, watching good movies and listening to rock music.
Strengths: Friendly, Easy to please, Is a good leader, has the loving support of his 5 brothers: Larry, Tade, Shorty, Ryan, and Viper.
Weaknesses: Spoiled, Sometimes crabby, Has a truly big ego, and is also not so good at waiting
Special Skills: Quick fighting techniques to stop the evil plottings of Vertigo, the queen of Insanity. Including the Brain Basher, Frantic Fury, and powerful, deadly round house kicks
Weapons: Sharp Teeth, claws, wits, and his loud, outspoken voice. Also has his brothers for backup.
Favorites: Films: "Hmm, so many... Dinotopia, Jurassic Park 1, 2, and 3, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars, etc..." Music Genre: Rock music Books: "The Primal Rage Novel, The Avatars, Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, and the Dinotopia books."

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backrubs, director peter jackson, hating vertigo, movies, musicals, relaxing, rock and roll, sun basking, velociraptors