Welcome to the Raptor Clan!

Make yourselves at home.

We've been getting some new and improved icons, thanks to Mari.
That way, you'll see us better! Yeah!!

All that's left is Larry getting some better icons of himself.

The second part to my first adventure at Mari's bookstore...
Shorty - Grinning
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There were two more I wanted to share but TINYPIC ATE THEM.

I hope those good quality pics make it feel sick!

I got to go to Mari's bookstore for the first time EVER! (part 1)
She took lots and lots of pics of me (and finally made me icons), so here we go!

Here's how my adventure last Wednesday went!Collapse )

Posting the rest of this later! Mari and I are feeling worn out some after putting all of this down

Shorty here!
Raptor bros minus Shorty 1

I've been meaning to sneak into one of Mari's bags today but she was so quick getting ready for work that I didn't have a chance! I think I found which one to go into, since I overheard her talking about drawing something to her mother once she got home.

This time I'll get into this bag here while she's asleep. Then I can start on my adventure!

I think I remember Talon saying he got to see her bookstore. He said it was nice. I'd like to go and see for myself!

...I wonder when Mari will make an icon with ME in it.

I made the community.

Many thanks goes to Mari for her wisdom and suggestions on setting up the info, and how to customize the main journal layout some! She's been on LJ for so long, and she's moderated communities quite well so far.

I'm quite pleased that I accomplished this.

There's a white feathered quill in a brown parchment kind of setup. The feather kind of looks a little like the crest on my head, but bigger.

Also, since I made this community, I got first post dibs. *grin*

Ask Us Anything
Mari's doing it, so why not the rest of us? Go ahead, we got nothing to hide. Ask away! I'm sure there must be hundreds of things you'd like to know about me, my bros, my nemesis, and our neighbors.

Shorty: Even our human friend we live with, and how we think and feel about her.

Also, I think we're gonna want some new LJ friends... Not even our most favorite LJ friend is around. in0p hasn't updated his LJ since 2011! Crud!

Viper: Mari said it's okay if we could add onto her add_me post...

You know what I also miss? The days when stufflove was still active! That needs to change. We also need more toy Livejournal friends!

And I just come up with a way to do it! If there isn't a toy_add_me or anything like that existing, then we'll make one!

Shorty: Yeah!

Viper: I'm happy we're back on Livejournal again.

Yep. Let the good times roll again.

S'up human bloggers, and other species that might have missed our updates! GUESS WHAT!

WE'RE BACK! And we hope to update more!! (From left to right: Talon A.K.A. Talonmeister A.K.A. ME, Shorty, Viper)

Shorty: *smiles a bit* Our human we stay with took a nice picture of us reminiscing, didn't she?

Viper: Yup. She sure did.

We can only hope we can post more and more and not let her hog up all the internet time.

Anyway. It's the same old stuff. I'm not getting any younger but I'm still lively enough! The same goes for the rest of us.

Viper: I've still been reading comics, and now manga too! Durarara is great. My new favorite series. Izaya Orihara's one bad dude, but it's been overall cool reading about him and the other humans in it.

Shorty: And I've been goin' on adventures still! I love going into all sorts of small spaces and rule at Hunt and Stalk.

In which is the raptor equivalent of Hide and Seek... By the way, Viper; you DO know that there's an Izaya Marianne knows, right?

Viper: O.O REALLY??

Yeah, but he's no better than that crazy bitch Vertigo. Plus, he's annoying. It's okay to read about him--but you should avoid him and not go, uh, all fan-dinoy at him.

Viper: Hey, I'm not stupid! I won't contact him or anything.

Shorty: Heh heh heh. Fan-dinoy. Good one, bro.

Thanks Shorty. Anywhoo. We hope to post more pics of us--and videos too!

Viper: That's right! Marianne took a video of the room and we're featured in it!

Shorty: Ryan is not going to be happy about us posting this, haha.

Yeah his overreaction in it's hilarious! Larry falling down, how embarrasing! By the way--I hate those dragons that are in it. They suck.

Shorty: Yeah! They keep messing with us and keep giving us a hard time about not having wings. One of these days, trouble will come their way. Meat for brains!!

Video!Collapse )

Tade here, updating!
...I dunno where Talon is, but I think he'd approve on sharing all the cool stuff Mari's wrote about us--all but my own, in which I did. Yeah, you heard me right. I got some writing skillz myself!

There's this one about Vertigo that's written out kinda funny.

The rest is a LOT, so it's going under a cut.Collapse )

I'm sure Ryan's found Talon by now. Vertigo's on the move, again...

Oooo, green... I am diggin' the new look.
My brothers are too, of course!

Our human person had better remember to make those icons soon! She also better not bring Vertigo over to where we're going...

I'm real sorry about this...
I hear Vertigo's been up to ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD, once again. This morning I woke up and fought a mean monster-thing... that was Vertigo's no doubt. It was ugly, strong, but not quite as fast enough for me.

Afterwards I got suspicious... THEN, later on today Marianne tells me that she's been trying to intimidate Cloud Strife and Zack Fair! GOOD GRIEF! Guys, I am so sorry...

I'm gonna spread the word. If you see insanesorceress in any of your comments, let me know. She's not worth your time, so don't bother replying back. Okay?

Tade: I wanna start kicking evil sorceress snake lady butt again! It's been a while.

Talon: Got that right. Vertigo's active again, so that means it's time to make our move.


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